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Asitha G Punchihewa

BSc (biology) Australia, MA (Development studies) SriLanka


Asitha G Punchihewa

Educational Qualifications

BSc (biology) Australia, MA (Development studies) SriLanka


Entrepreneur, Technology promoter, Researcher, Author, Journalist, Activist

Place of Work

Panacea Solutions (Private Limited)

Brief Description

Asitha is a professional with international education and exposure. He understands social issues well and analyses it with international contexts. He has the ability to work with any person from rural poor to rich international. He has written over five books on child rights, housing, culture, sexual/reproductive health/tourism, knowledge outsourcing, human trafficking, migration, Islamic extremism and much much more.

Why Do I recommend him

I have worked with him in a few projects at Tissamaharama and Hambantota. His knowledge on global affairs and national development. He is a pragmatist who is capable of finding solutions for any problem. A perfect blend of head and head with holistic awareness, a need if the day. I have also read his research bases articles on many areas.

Comments from the followers

( ඔබ යොදනා සටහන කිසිදු අපේක්ෂකයෙකුට අපහාසාත්මක හා අසත්‍ය නොවන ලෙස යෙදීමට වගබලාගන්න සත්‍ය දෝෂාරෝපණයක් ඇත්නම් සත්‍ය සාක්ෂි සමඟ යොදන්න මහත්මා දේශපාලනයට උචිත ලෙස මෙම අවකාශය වගකීමෙන් භාවිතා කරන්න )

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